Descriptive Essay: Bass Fishing

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The water was clearer than ever as my lure passed the bed. I gave it a second before my line got tight. Suddenly there was a jerk to my pole as I set the hook and in that instant was when I opened the doors to my new passion in bass fishing. It never came apparent to me that I could enjoy and love to learn fishing. As a kid, fishing has never been an interest to me, but rather a fear of touching the slimy fish. On one beautiful spring day, I decided to go and try it out on my own for once. All that I had was my dad's old tackle box with a bunch of rotten and rusted old lures and plastics inside of it. I decided the almost shredded lizard wouldn't be bad to use as I watched the bass sitting on their spawning beds. I had watched the shows and …show more content…

I gave it a shot, and I could see my lizard going past the bed as the bass kept a steady eye on it. It gave me those three little nibbles they always give when biting down on a lure. When I felt those nibbles, I quickly jerked my rod and set the hook on my first bass of the day. It's a sensation like no other to reel a fish in and have that feeling of excitement, but at the time I was still a little scared of slimy fish. However, there was no dad or friend to help me get the fish off the line, just me and my bare hands as I grabbed the bass’ lip and took out the hook for the first time on my own. As I put the fish back in the water, it was set in stone that I truly loved fishing. I have learned so much from bass fishing since that day. My dad helped me educate myself with some old fishing books that taught me almost everything I know today. My love for fishing became so great that I couldn't keep it all to myself. I have shared my

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