Personal Narrative: A Montana Fishing Trip

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A Montana Fishing Trip As we walked down to the river, the birds were making a whistling noise, and it was quite annoying because the birds were so loud Will and I could barely hear each other. When we were walking down to the river on a rock that was on the path was a famous quote from Muhammad Ali and it was about the river and it said “Rivers, Ponds, Lakes, and Streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths.” While we were getting closer to the river the birds got so loud and if there was mute button to mute the birds I would have the moment I saw that button because they sounded like there was a train coming through the river. So have you ever heard of a river well a …show more content…

When we were trying to cross the river the current picked up and I fell a couple of times because it started raining, and I could feel the rocks when I hit the ground and I could taste the fishy water. But there was no lightening so we kept swimming in the river for a long time. While we swimming down stream Will saw a bridge and he wanted to go there. Right when we saw the bridge it thundered it was so loud that I could hear it like it was right in my ear. Then I yelled “Let’s just go up to where we started out at.” Will screamed “Let’s go up to the bridge and see what it’s like.” So I went back up to camp where we started out at and Will went to check out the bridge to see what it was like. He would be back in an hour so I went and fished for an hour. Since it was raining I caught a couple of big fish in the river. When he got back we both fished for another hour and we were gonna call it a day. Every time we caught a fish it smelt really bad because the fish sometimes just flat out had a disgusting smell. After an hour we caught a lot more pretty fish with black stripes down them and so we were gonna call it a day because it was like 5:00 in the afternoon. So we packed up and gathered all of our stuff and we looked at our phone’s and Will’s mom called him 10

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