Virgin River-Personal Narrative

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I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, it was pouring! I was eleven and I was on a hike in the Zion Canyon Narrows, walking through the Virgin River. The views were spectacular, not a cloud in the sky, and everything was perfect. My dad, Travis, my sister, Annika, my friend, Melissa, and her dad, Trev were with me. Melissa and I were super nervous, because we had never done anything like this before. We came prepared, knowing what to do in case of a flash flood, which we didn’t think would happen at the time. We were having a really good time, splashing around in the water and throwing mud, when we heard thunder. We didn’t think much of it, but looking back, we definitely should have. We looked up and saw gray clouds, but we just kept hiking. We didn't think that it would be a big deal and it would just pass over. We started to feel rain drops, but just a few. “Dad, I think that we should start going down now,” I reminded him. “We’ll be fine,” he answered. He had told me earlier that if it started to rain, we should go down. Melissa thought the same thing, but after that we just kept quiet. …show more content…

It had started pouring. “Dad, let’s go now!” I exclaimed. After everyone decided to head down, the water level started to rise, and the water started to turn brown. Those were instant signs of a flash flood, but we had no way to tell how big. Waterfalls started to form and fall, and soon enough, we were soaked. Melissa and I started to rush down, scared, as our dads and my sister continued to walk. “Dad!” I yelled, “hurry up!” They just kept walking. “What is wrong with them,” I thought. “They were the ones that told me to hurry down if it started to

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