Salvador: A Fictional Narrative

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Maria Materiano, an expectant mother and her husband, Salvador exited the large Mediterranean style house, ready for a night on the town, standing on the veranda watching it rain, while waiting for the limousine. Charles drove the limo close to the veranda, got out, opened the door while holding the umbrella to keep Maria from getting wet as he and her husband helped her into the back seat.
Driving down the street, Salvador spoke, “I know I asked you earlier, but are you sure you should be out tonight? The weather is horrible and getting worse.”
“I’m eight months pregnant. I will be fine. You know how much I wanted to see that play. Please, don 't worry about me." She hugged him.
“Okay, but you will not deliver tonight,” he ordered and smiled.” Look it is raining harder. Just …show more content…

“You sit back, relax and in a few weeks deliver me two fine healthy boys. They can grow up and help in the business, so Uncle Franco can step down," he said patting her stomach again and smiled. “I’m a happy man.”
After a few minutes she asked, “Have you thought anymore about one of them becoming a priest? I love my church, and would not want both of them involved in the family’s business I think one of them could become a priest. I talked with your uncle last week. He even agreed we should have a priest in the family.”
“I haven’t thought about it, but I guess you’re right, one of them will probably have your kind, loving and giving personality. We could use a priest in the family.” Salvador agreed and knew whatever Maria wanted would see that she got it. “Honey, that would be neat to be the mother of a father,” he said and chuckled.
“You are too funny. Did I mention Father Palmer, the priest who performed the service for Uncle Franco 's boy last month called and is coming by tomorrow to pick up a small donation for their building fund."
"And just what do you call a small

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