Personal Narrative Essay About Fishing

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The day came it was early morning, bird singing, warm temperature, and a beautiful blue sky perfect weather. I woke up and it was fishing time, I was so excited. I remember my room being so messy and my parents told me to clean before we left, so I did. I was so excited that I cleaned my room and did some other chores around the house so fast cause I just wanted to go fishing. We got to the car and left to rocky mountain at our fishing spot and I was just being like most annoying kid would say, "Where are we?", "Are we lost?", and "Are we there yet?" That was the longest long ride for my parents, brother, and my brother's friend. We arrived and the first thing I remember doing was getting a rock and throwing it in the river. My brother and his friend…show more content…
I was so delighted that see that and wanted to catch my own. Then my brother's friend started to catch fish too and I was about to crack. I tried to keep myself calm and was saying to myself that I'm going to catch a fish. The clock was ticking, hours passing by and I wasn't catching anything. Everyone was catching fish and showing them off. I couldn't even get a single bite. I was so angry. I remember throwing my rod and throwing a tantrum. With that tantrum I remember saying "this is really stupid why would anybody even want to fish, you don't catch anything. I was also saying let leave this is pointless and I never want to fish again I don't even catch anything." But unfortunately we had to stay there for the rest of the day and that felt like the longest day of my little kid life. I went that rest of the day with no fish or bite while seeing my brother and his friend catching all these fish. The day finally ended we packed our stuff and went back home. I went home that day with a broken heart and a young boy being disappoint with no fish. Also, the road trip was probably the most annoying one, but one to
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