Finding Fish Essay: Antwone Fisher Memoir

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Antwone Fisher Memoir Essay Finding Fish is a story of a young, unloved boy growing up and overcoming all obstacles and hardships in order to become an amazing man. Antwone Quenton Fisher was born on August 3, 1959, in Cleveland, Ohio. He was born in a prison to Eva Mae Fisher and Eddie Elkins, who was killed before he was born. As a result of this, Antwone grew up in the foster system and he was placed in the unloving home of his foster parents, Mrs. Isabella Pickett and Reverend Ulysses Pickett. Up until he was 16, Antwone had to deal with abuse, verbally, physically, and sexually. This negatively affected Antwone because he had very low self esteem and was exceedingly shy for many years of his life. Although Antwone had a really terrible childhood and upbringing, he didn’t let that define him. Antwone Fisher grew up to serve his country by being in the Navy for 11 years and he continues to make an impact on young foster …show more content…

He has served his country for more than a decade and he is still working hard to impact the lives of others in different ways. I came upon the book Finding Fish by chance; however, I am extremely happy to have been able to read this book for my summer reading. Fisher has a really inspiring story and it really helped me to look at situations differently. For example, right now i am struggling with a knee injury that is keeping me from doing the thing i love most for at least 6 months up to a year. It’s been extremely hard for me and there are many days and nights when i'm deep down in the dumps and i feel stuck and defeated. Antwone Fisher lived a life of nights like these but he still grew up to be someone. Fisher’s story is a reminder that it’s possible to rise above the circumstances. It helped me to realize that no matter the circumstances, as long as they work hard, anyone has the chance to do something

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