Personal Narrative: Parkinson's Disease

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Tuesday afternoon. I was reading a book and drinking a cup of hot chocolate in my room, near the window. It was January, but everything looked so calm and nice outside. Suddenly, I heard my mom calling my name and she told me that we need to talk. I couldn’t recall that I made a mistake in the past days, but still, I was feeling worried and scared as all kids do. I went to the dining room trying to figure out what was going on. I could see the sadness in her eyes, a sign that there was a problem. She told me that she has been keeping a secret for a long time, but it is time for me to find out the truth. I thought that she is getting divorced or something of that sort but she was trying to tell me that my aunt whom I really loved was very ill. She had Parkinson’s disease. I was surprised, sad and really shocked. She was only 29 and she always lived a healthy lifestyle. I knew that lately she had had problems, but doctors said it was nothing. It turned out to be Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disease that kills you slowly. …show more content…

That is exactly how I felt deep down. As a kid, I always thought that bad things happen only to bad people and this can never happen to people I love. Reality hit me hard. While was trying to take care of my little cousin, my aunt’s son that came to live in our home for couple of months, everything looked so chilling, so sad and unreal. From the moment my mom told me this ugly truth, I started thinking about death and I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe somehow I am sick, too. This crazy idea in my head soon became my irrational fear called hypochondria which triggered depression 2 months

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