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Monday through Friday I stayed with my grandmother and great aunt, so that I could go to school. I was in elementary school at the time. I use to listen to my uncle play different types of music on his stereo so that he could mimic the sound with the instruments he was playing. I used to sing along with him dreaming that one day I would be able to sing just like the singers on the albums my uncle would play to. As time went on, my mother met a man that she felt was a good man. Thus, allowing him to pick me up from my grandmother’s house when he got off from his job at midnight. My mother had no clue that this decision would be a life changing experience for me.

There was a movie that I use to love by the name of The Wiz, I use to picture myself as Dorothy, a young girl that finds herself lost and trying to find her way back home, and in the midst she runs into several characters that represent different entities in her life. First, a scarecrow that was looking for a brain so that he could think for himself and not allow others to dictate what he did and how he should do it. Just like Dorothy associated herself with him and saw herself as not …show more content…

After I informed my mother and my father of this abuse and my mother so I assumed did not believe me, and my father came and took me to Chicago with him. I held on to a song from that movie ( The Wiz), the song was called Home, in this song she tells the story of a girl wanting to be home with her family, because she sees that all the things she was looking for was actually already inside of her, she just had to be strong utilize them. I sung this song my tenth grade year in high school and gained the name Little Stephanie Mills because I sang the version that she sung in the Broadway musical. When they asked me to sing this song no one knew that this was my favorite song, or the reason. I didn’t know, I just

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