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Hi I am rachel Lerry. I am someone you would call extraordinary. Everything I touch turns to gold, but the sad thing is not many people see me at school. It's almost like I am invisible. My moms tell me all the time that I am the most amazing person they know. I am apart of every club in the school and I am going to keep that record. A new club just popped up and it is called the glee club. It's a show choir and I just so happen to have the best voice anyone has ever heard. I like to call myself the labra tiesan of the new generation. I look at myself in the mirror and I see an exquisite person. I fly to school every morning. I know all of this awesomeness can be a bit overbearing but all I really want is to fit in. Many people don't like me because I find other people to revolting.I will be joining this glee club and I am going to own it. Just watch and learn. Today is the first day of glee club and I couldn't be more excited. Maybe this will be my chance for people to actually see who I am. Somehow mr.k got all of the popular people to join. Like Jake Finn the quarterback for the fly team. He also got lisa fabre to join she is the head of the fruit loops. We all …show more content…

I was named the president of the safty club and was in charge of making sure the school was safe. Jake and I worked together to try to bring the whole school together. My world changed after joining that glee club. It changed my life and I love them all. After I graduated I went on with my dream of persuing acting and lucky for me a lot of the directore like the whole invisibilty thing they said they could use it to my advantage. Every once in a while I go back to the choir room where we all met and think of all of the amzing things we learned and memories we made when in that room. I couldnt imagine what my life would be like if I didnt put my gold star on the sign up

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