Personal Narrative: Joining The Marching Band In High School

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Throughout my high school career, I was forced into many situations where I was challenged to connect with my peers and serve as a role model for future students. Whether it be my involvement in the school marching band, or helping students in community tutoring sessions, I have always made it my goal to better the people around me through my own efforts. Throughout my high school career, I have put forth my best effort to connect with my peers, transform individuals, and make a difference in my community. Joining the school marching band at the beginning of my freshman year of high school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working with my peers, building friendships while working toilsomely to perfect one show each year. When we weren’t on the field practicing, we were performing at football games or at community events, bringing the community together with a sense of pride. Being a part of the marching band has taught me to put the betterment of my peers over myself and I have made it my goal to make the people around me the best that they …show more content…

I was never the perfect student, nor was I always perfectly behaved. I understand that there are more people like this, that is why I strive to help others in achieving their own personal goals. Spending time at school tutoring sessions, and the school band program has allowed me to help people in the way that I strive to. I am able to help people become better at a school subject that they may be struggling with, or even teach someone how to play certain type of percussion instrument that they may not have known how to play. I want to be able to look back on those experiences and know that I may have inspired someone to help others in the same way that I did for them. I believe that I will be able to look at my experiences in high school and see that I made a difference in my

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