Marching Band Motivation Report

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Although the title “band nerd” doesn’t sound as impressive as being a star athlete, I wear my uniform with pride. Playing trombone in the marching band has earned the top spot on my list of favorite high school activities. Being a member of the Ardmore High School Marching Band has been both a positive and challenging experience. When I was selected to serve as band president for the 2015 marching band, I was both honored and excited for the upcoming season. Winds of change swept across our band as the season began. In addition to new officers, a new band director joined our organization. After the previous director was relieved of his duties for acts of impropriety, devastation and disappointment filled the heart of each band member. One Chinese proverb says, “when the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” Realizing that our band could not let the past define us, I decided to take the lead and begin construction of my personal windmill. Experience gained during my junior year as trombone section leader prepared me for my new role as band president. This position required me to motivate and inspire the members of my section to perform to …show more content…

Because of his outstanding ability to motivate us, the quality of our music and marching drills rapidly improved. As a result, we were awarded superior ratings and best in class awards during our Fall competition season. My service as band president has taught me the value of a good work ethic, the strength to go the extra mile, commitment, and selflessness. I will carry these lessons with me to college next year and eventually to my chosen career as a Graphic Designer. In an interview with a local news station about our band’s fundraising drive to purchase new uniforms, I said, “It’s a new era for the Ardmore Tiger Marching Band.” I’m so thankful to have had a hand in such a significant

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