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On Wednesday, the 18th of May, I attended and participated in the Final Band Concert of the year. Throughout the year, all band students continually practice pieces and the Final Band Concert is the only concert to have every band student in it from fifth grade all the way up to twelfth. This concert is always very special because it is both the first large concert for the fifth graders and the last for many students. The concert started from the Fifth Grade Band, then to the Junior 6th Grade, Advanced 7th and 8th Grade band, and finally to the High School Concert Band.
The concert began exactly on time at 19:00. The fifth graders played three songs, one of which was played at their last concert. They played quite well considering in September …show more content…

The transition between the Junior and Advanced bands was again disjointed, but better than before. The Middle School Advanced Band played well too, and their performance was the best so far. Their opening song was together, and the first song was lively. They were somewhat uniform in attire, however I believe the Junior band was more consistent in what they wore than the Advanced band, and it payed off for the Junior band on stage. The Advanced band had two pieces that were introduced as solos, but they didn't seem very well practiced. In the first, the ‘solo’ group forgot to stand up, and when they did the motion of standing seemed to make them forget their notes to play.. In the second, the ‘solo’ group played so softly that it was difficult to hear them above the rest of the band. Apart from these mishaps, the songs were smoothly played, engaging, and had interesting introductions provided by MrMinke. The transition of bands was bumpy again, but it was shorter than any others yet. In the High School Band, I feel we played better than ever yet. We played four songs, two of which were senior solo pieces. The

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