The Musical Reflection Of The Swan Lake Suite

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There were many musical elements heard throughout these pieces and it was interesting to hear how they varied in each song and suite. In Intermezzo, it began with a quieter violin solo melody creating a monophonic texture. Soon after, it became accompanied by the other violins and cellos, then the full ensemble came in creating a moderate, flowing melody at about mezzo forte and switching to a polyphonic texture. Next, there was a harp solo at forte with many crescendos and decrescendos. The full ensemble enters again raising the dynamics to forte before decrescendoing and slowing down to end with a held note and final tone. The first movement of the Swan Lake Suite, Scene, which began with the violins playing with an oboe solo on top. The oboe was playing various crescendos and decrescendos at a mezzo piano dynamic and the tempo was moderate. This ends with the high woodwinds playing a string of the melody, passing it to the low brass with the strings very quietly in the background and then what seemed to be a diminuendo. The second movement of the Swan Lake …show more content…

I had been in band from fifth grade through high school so even just hearing an ensemble sound again was amazing as I miss band very much. I also really enjoyed The Swan Lake Suite as it has been one of my favorite pieces since I was little, so it was also really nice to hear something that I already knew a little of how it would go. The orchestra sounded amazing and I am also good friends with one of the bassoon players so it was neat that one of our concerts to choose from had someone I knew in it. It was so interesting to hear all of the elements we have been discussing in class, actually in person and it was helpful that I was in band throughout school so it was easier to pick out certain aspects like melody, tempo, and dynamics for example. Overall, this concert was very enjoyable and performed

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