Jazz Concert Reflection

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Attending my first jazz concert was an unforgettable experience of great live instrumental music. The concert was entertaining and a very educational experience of this course. As a student in this course with little musical education, I never appreciated instrumentals, until the SDSU Jazz Concert. This concert was a really enjoyable experience with the balance of all the instruments. I really enjoyed the experience and the knowledge of music I gained from the concert. The way the conductor opened the show was very nice. As I walked in some of the violins were playing sweet melodies until everyone arrived and took a seat. They asked us to shut off our phones so we would not interrupt the concert. They had an itinerary for us to follow along with all the songs but they did not play every song that was on he itinerary. Also, …show more content…

I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and love for music, which was very noticeable during his performance. I enjoyed his part in the song and his great skills on the piano. The rhythm of a song allows the audience to add their own motion to the unique beat and “Concord Blues Plus 8” created an entertaining beat that I appreciated greatly. When I was younger I played the piano, so I felt I could relate the most with that instrument and could understand the piano part the best. The songs that were played at the concert added depth to the course because all the musicians were very talented and brought a great jazz experience to the concert. Overall, this experience at the San Diego State University Jazz Ensemble was unforgettable as well as very educational and enjoyable. Even though our class is the history of rock I thought it would be cool to see a jazz concert and learn a different type of music. The jazz ensemble flowed very well, and I sat in the front row, which was a great experience. I feel that San Diego State University’s Jazz Ensemble is very well directed and deserves more

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