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    Orleans style into a completely different form of jazz. Louis Daniel Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana in a very poor neighborhood. His father, a laborer, abandoned the family when he was young, and his mother was an irresponsible single parent. She left Armstrong and his sister in the care of their grandmother(Source C). Armstrong was taken out of school in fifth grade to begin working. On New Year's Eve in 1912, Armstrong fired his stepfather's gun in the air during a celebration

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    Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was an American trumpeter and singer, and was one of the best Jazz musicians. Armstrong was very influential for his time which was one of the many reasons why he was so popular. He is still remembered as one of the best trumpet players to date. Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4th, 1901. Born into a poor family, Louis didn’t have much growing up. Besides them being lower class, they had other issues too. His father, Willie, left

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    history? Well his name was Louis Armstrong. There were a lot of different opinions on how Armstrong did it. Louis Armstrong was born on on August 4th, 1901 and grew up in New Orleans. He had a nickname which was Satchmo or Satch. Armstrong was an American composer, singer, trumpeter, and was sometimes even an actor. Louis started to perform in groups but then he eventually started to do solo performances. He became a very influential figure throughout his career. Louis Armstrong changed the Harlem Renaissance

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    and Europe. In fact, some people say that jazz is a union of African and European music. Most legends are known for excelling in a specific field or for doing something so impactful on the world that they will be remembered for ages. What set Louis Armstrong apart from others considered to be legends is that he did this multiple times throughout his life and with ease. Over time there have been many people that have impacted the world and society we live in. However, there are only a few people who

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    Louis Armstrong was very significant, the most influential and important musicians in jazz history. With a soft voice and enchanting sound of trumpet, he has been a favorite character for the public across the globe. However, without doubt, Louis Armstrong was something more than just a musician. He was the great jazz musician, whose influence on modern music was so dramatic that practically all the musicians trying out between 1927 and 1940, sounded like nothing more but the followers of his style

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    listen to every word? Have you ever heard Louis Armstrong play and sing his marvelous music? Do you truly know the man many have come to love and enjoy hearing? Louis Armstrong was an inspiration to many and an amazing musician who people should be more aware of. Louis Armstrong was born into a long generation of slaves and farm workers on August 4, 1901 in the state of Louisiana; although some sources say he was born in the year of 1900. Willie Armstrong (his father) left Mary Ann Albert (his mother)

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    Louis Armstrong was an influential jazz trumpeter and singer. He was recognized as a pioneer for scat singing. Louis Armstrong influenced jazz heavily, contributing to jazz as his career progress. He came from humble beginnings, thanking his supporters as he prospered. He broke racial barriers during a segregated America. Throughout his life, he’s earned honors, influential people, and made innovations to jazz. Louis Armstrong was a jazz trumpeter who faced struggles, could be described as brilliant

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    one and only, Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was one of the most important musicians throughout the early to mid 1900’s. He struggled but eventually made a name for himself at a young age and became one of the worlds most cherished jazz musicians. Being a famous black man during his time was unheard of, and so he had to protect that. At the peak of his fame the Little Rock crisis occurred, and throughout the rest of his life an entire civil rights revolution occurred. Louis Armstrong had a strict

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    “My whole life, my whole soul, my whole spirit is to blow that horn.” by Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was the first great influence in jazz. Now, let’s start in the beginning. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was the age 11, he was sent to the Colored Waif’s Home for Boys, where he learned how to play the cornet and realized he wants to makes music for a living. As he returned back home in 1914, he worked jobs selling newspaper and dragging coal

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    Louis Armstrong was a legendary jazz icon who learned to master the trumpet and gained massive success across different decades. Louis Armstrong was a composer, trumpeter, singer, and even an actor. Armstrong was known beyond the jazz community, and into the more known popular music. Armstrong came from a very poor neighborhood and basically grew up without his parents. Armstrong’s financial situation did not stop him from having long life dreams of emerging in the music industry. Joe “King” Oliver

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    Outline “I don’t need words – it’s all in the phrasing” – Louis Armstrong. In this quote, we can see that Louis speaks through his music, he has no need for words because the “phrasing” (Musical term regarding composition) speaks for him. He expresses his emotions through his music and can radically blow minds with the simple blow of a trumpet. Louis Armstrong spoke through his music and his ideas could only be developed by his music. By this quote, it is apparent for us to see that he developed

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    outstanding jazz musician of all time? Louis Armstrong defined what it was like to play jazz. His outstanding skills still dominate in today's music. Louis Armstrong is considered to have some of the best pieces of his time. If not for Louis Armstrong then the world of jazz would nearly be not as good if he was never born. This is all of Louis Armstrong's childhood, significance, and personal background. Louis Armstrong had a rough childhood growing up. Louis Armstrong's date of birth is August 4

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    Bernstein, perfectly grasps what Louis Armstrong aspired for every time he unhinged the case of his instrument. This recognition is what countless other black artists, musicians, poets and writers desired during the outbreak of literary and artistic African American culture in the first half of the 1900’s, known as the Harlem Renaissance. Though many worked to further this movement Louis Armstrong is one the most renowned and greatest contributors. First of all, Louis Armstrong’s life is a great example

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    attention to the genre. Louis Armstrong was one of these impactful musicians. Louis, born in 1901, was raised in a southern family where he was exposed to music at an early age (Brown 14). Friends of his formed a quartet at a young age, and his relationship with the musical world was born. He managed through a rough boyhood and got a job on a steamboat playing a cornet. From here his popularity only grew. He played in all kinds of gigs and even in his own band called Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five (Kallen

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    I heard a Louis Armstrong song. Louis Armstrong is an extraordinary person. His life is truly remarkable. I had a desire to learn more about his life. I asked these questions, first how has he influenced jazz music, next how his childhood made him who he is, and finally how he will be remembered. To begin we will talk about how his childhood made him who he is. To begin, Louis Armstrong did not have a good childhood. In “ Louis Armstrong” by DISCovering Biography it states, “Armstrong was born July

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    Louis Armstrong was a prominent figure in the musical field, best known as a trumpeter and vocalist. He was a man who dabbled in many genres instead of constricting himself to a single one, such as pop and swing, but in current times, his name has become almost synonymous with the jazz genre. Armstrong was born on August 4th, 1901, to a poor family in the state of Louisiana. He attended school during the first few years of his life, but had dropped out before he became a teenager; it was around this

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    Musician of Harlem Renaissance Louis Armstrong was born into a poor poverty in New Orleans. As a young boy, he had a very difficult childhood after his father abandoned the family, which he dropped out of school and helped his mother to provide for the family. Louis was a highly talented singer blessed with a powerful gravelly voice and he was one of the first African American entertainers to be highly popular among the white and black society. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential artist

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    Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Soon after his birth, his father, William Armstrong, left. With his father leaving, Louis’ mother, Maryann, decided it would be best if he went to go live with his grandmother, Josephine. While Armstrong was living with his grandmother, “Maryann gave birth to a daughter, the result of a temporary reconciliation with William.” (Brown, Page 15) Louis’ sister, Beatrice, was two years younger than him. Louis lived with his grandmother

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    Louis Armstrong: A Musical Revolution Throughout generations, music has been a tool for self expression and cultural identification. With one song, an artist is able to convey many messages and ideas that are able to inspire listeners into using the artist’s work to shape their own identity. For example, during the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans were beginning to separate themselves from white culture, creating their own culture in a still de facto racist country. Heavy dependence on music

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    listen to musicians like louis Armstrong. Armstrong played a significant role in the 1920’s by changing the way people looked at jazz music. Armstrong was born August 4,1901 in New Orleans. The section where Armstrong was born was so poor it was nicknamed “The Battlefield”. In 1912 Armstrong was sent to the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs for shooting a gun in the air to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There he received musical instruction on how to play the cornet. Soon Armstrong learned that he loved