Louis Armstrong Outline

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“I don’t need words – it’s all in the phrasing” – Louis Armstrong. In this quote, we can see that Louis speaks through his music, he has no need for words because the “phrasing” (Musical term regarding composition) speaks for him. He expresses his emotions through his music and can radically blow minds with the simple blow of a trumpet. Louis Armstrong spoke through his music and his ideas could only be developed by his music. By this quote, it is apparent for us to see that he developed and redefined music through his actions. He single handedly redefined jazz by developing new styles and genres unseen to anyone in that time period.
Armstrong was born on August 14, 1901, however, for a short period of time in his early childhood, he believed he was born on July 4, 1900. He was born on 723 Jane Alley in a section of New Orleans so violent, it was commonly referred to as “The Battlefield.” His mother, Mayann, helped him grow up while his father, William, abandoned his family when Louis was extremely young. Louis started school in New Orleans and he eventually dropped out halfway through the third grade. However, he eventually went to reform school which is where he eventually picked up the …show more content…

After leaving reform school, he started his career with the cornet when he was spotted by famous jazz musicians Kind Oliver. He eventually moved through the ranks quickly and became the second chair cornet player in King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. In this experience, he was able to expand his musical horizons, allowing him to blow up in the jazz scene and invent new styles never heard of before. With these styles came change, in order for Armstrong to truly develop his styles, he had to change his instrument which eventually led to him picking up the trumpet because he did not want to stray too far from his roots. This eventually led to his breakthrough success in the jazz

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