The Raiders March Analysis

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The introduction of the piece is the same as that of “The Raiders March”, but with strings playing in the background. The A melody begins with the trumpet as the strings fade out (0:07). The first minute and a half of the song is played the same as that of “The Raiders March”, though due to differing sound equalization, some parts stick out more or less than they do in the original. For example, in the third repetition of the A melody, one can more clearly hear the xylophone accompanying the melody here than in “The Raiders March”. The piece begins to differ more significantly after the break following the third repetition of the A melody when the piece modulates down a half step instead of up like in the original (1:37). This fourth instance of the A melody is otherwise played the same as in “The Raiders March” until the last two bars, where it immediately jumps into what was the coda of the original piece (1:53). Here, the coda acts as a musical break between the A melody and a new C melody, which is really just the A melody of “Marion’s Theme”. As the strings transition between the two parts at (2:05), one can notice that this version of “Marion’s Theme” differs significantly than the original, most notably in its instrumentation. Here, the horn plays the melody while string ensemble plays harmony for the first six bars (2:09). At the seventh bar, the woodwinds join the harmony (2:25) and a harp leads the piece into the next half of the C melody (2:27). The volume in this

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