Lohengrin: Prelude By Richard Wagner: Music Analysis

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For assignment 2, I choose the piece “Lohengrin: Act III: Prelude” composed by Richard Wagner. This piece is located in the “Types of Listeners I: Introduction and Casual Listeners” section. This piece really caught my attention because of the overall composing which reminded me of a cartoon story during my childhood days, particularly the Disney animation Mickey Mouse. This leads to my interest in analyzing it as a referential listener. The title of the piece is Lohengrin: Act III: Prelude which emphasizes that the piece is an introductory to a bigger performance, which in this case indicates a story of tension and conflict. As I mentioned earlier, this piece reminded me of my childhood cartoon character in the animation particularly in the …show more content…

First of all, the piece is quite interesting as a prelude – an introductory piece of music as it start off with dynamic and vibrant sounds that include the whole ensemble. This piece is structured as a three-part or ternary form which consists of ABA’ form. The idea of this piece is mainly act as an introductory of a story because this piece is only an excerpt from a bigger orchestral performance. From what I have heard, the solo performance is mainly comprise of the woodwind instruments in part B that indicated the slight sign of relief and calmness. The piece has a lot of variation where the composer include different timbres and dynamics such as the high dynamic structure during the first and the last part with the associating crashes of cymbals. The piece comprise of many musical instrument particularly string, brass, and woodwinds. The composer also use repetition in composing as the first part is repeated at the end of the piece, but with more sophisticated dynamics and timbre. In my opinion, the piece by Richard Wagner is a very good example for the topic of Basic Musical Concept that introduce many essential parts like referential listeners and structure of

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