The Marriage Of Figaro Analysis

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6. Take a single act from the Marriage of Figaro and, using particular examples, show how Mozart structures the act in terms key, form and texture. How does the opera critique the social order of the time?

This essay looks at the first act of Mozart’s opera buffa ‘Marriage of Figaro’ in detail,

specifically focussing on the key, form and texture used within this act. Alongside this,

the essay will also analyse how the opera as an entirety critiques the social order of

the time.

The story reflects the 18th century social battles between the lower class servants

and their aristocratic masters, dealing with the machinations in their relationships

impeded by rivalries, jealousies and vengeance.

The Marriage of Figaro was written in 1786, during the Enlightenment period or the

Age of Reason, which is thought to have started the year of Louis XIV’s death in

1715. The Enlightenment is a time Britain, France and Europe began to question the

traditional political, religious and social ideas and decided that a national change was

needed in order to improve humanity. This period created many big and small

revolutions, such as new inventions and scientific discoveries, along with new laws

and a French Revolution war. The French Revolution occurred in 1789, with the aim

to get rid of the old authorities, such as the aristocratic Count of The Marriage of

Figaro, to make a more harmonious society throughout the nation. However, this led

to a bloody
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