Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption

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The above described change in the narrative approach allows the filmic narrative agent to develop characters who are perceived as secondary in King 's novella. For example, Brooks Halten, the librarian whose place Andy takes over. Brooks is mentioned briefly in the book and his story represents the theme of institutionalism. Red believes that Brooks will be able to survive in the outside world: ' 'In prison, Brooks had been a person of some importance. He was the head librarian, an educated man. If he went to the Kittery library and asked for a job, they wouldn 't give him a library card. ' ' (154/1822) The death of Brooks ' bird that is found in the prison yard is a metaphor of Brooks ' end due to his institutional syndrome after spending almost …show more content…

In this point of my analysis, I deal with the scene that one could argue most enriches the main subject of the story, namely hope. In this scene that is created by Darabont, Andy, who is at Norton 's office to receive some used books and sundries for the prison 's library, locks the guard in the bathroom and then starts playing a recording of ‘Canzonettasull 'aria’ from the opera The Marriage of Figaro. As Verstraten argues, filmmakers use music as narrative tool(153) that not only challenges the audience 's emotions but also carries the theme of the movie. In this scene the music is intradiegetic since Andy connects the public speaker system to the record player so that all of the prisoners can hear the music. In her book Music in American Crime Prevention and Punishment, Lily Hirsch explains that this scene “also highlights another utopia musical ascription related to the contested idea that music is a universal language” since all the prisoners are feeling connected, enjoying the music while hope is revived within their

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