Literary Devices In Soldier's Home By Hemingway

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“Soldier’s Home”, a short story written by Ernest Hemingway that demonstrates great use of literary devices through a struggling veteran. This is an outstanding short story that shows the impact of war on a young soldier's life after returning home from the war.The story is molded behind the main character Harold Kreb, who is struggling in his return home from his traumatic experience in World War I. The author observes the impact of war on a young man's life, and the hostility shown towards him in his home town. In "Soldier's Home," Hemingway uses repetition, symbolism, and characterization to develop the theme of how veterans may struggle to return to civilian life after a war. In “Soldier’s Home,” Hemingway convey’s the recurring theme of the story through the literary device repetition. “Besides he did not really need a girl”(Hemingway 2) and “You did not need a girl”(Hemingway 2) are examples of repetition used in the story to emphasize the struggle the main character has …show more content…

There is a picture which shows him among his fraternity brothers, all of them wearing exactly the same height and style collar(de Baerdemaeker, Ruben). This picture is put into the short story to characterize Kreb and show a little of his background and where he came from. Kreb who lives in Oklahoma, which is the setting of the story does not return home for 2 years(Hemingway 1). Another characteristic of Kreb is his reaction to society after his 2 years of being in the military. “Soldier’s Home” is written in third person limited omniscient, and the author concentrates on the main character who is the one struggling in this story(Hemingway 3794). The narrator puts the reader in the environment and the society of Kreb to enforce the theme of the story. This allows the reader to interpret the struggle that Kreb is going through after returning from

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