Examples Of Mental Illness In A Soldier's Home

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The Battle of Mental Illness The battle of mental illness is something that does not cross the mind of many. The unseen fight that someone goes through in their mind could be worse than any physical struggle anyone could face. In A Soldier’s Home, Krebs was facing the challenge of PTSD after coming back from war, while Emily in A Rose for Emily is dealing with the need for power, and possible necrophilia tendencies. These are two completely different internal fights, but both take a toll on their emotional state. In A Soldier’s Home, we follow the journey of a young man named Krebs and his emotional reaction after he returns home from war. Before the war, Krebs was fun and loving, and very much a family guy. He attended a Methodist college …show more content…

The people of the town know there is something different about her. For example, when she goes to buy the rat poison, the towns people believe that she is going to kill herself. Although, throughout the story, there is no mention or evidence to lead us to think that she would commit suicide. The reason behind the thought that she would take her own life would be possible depression. One of the biggest signals of someone being depressed is disconnect from the outside world. Many people, when they are depressed, want distance to just be alone. Sadly, a lot of these people do end up taking their lives. This was the fear for the towns people because Emily had become such a figure for the …show more content…

When it comes to Krebs, the people in the town cannot understand his PTSD. One of the biggest problems that he faces is that the people of the town do not want to listen to his stories. This causes him to be forced to bottle them up, and it makes his depression even worse. With Emily, she does not talk about her illness, because she does not understand it herself. This causes an even bigger problem because the town people have no idea what is going on. Since Emily is so off from the world, this makes the understanding of what she is dealing with even harder. If she was more outspoken with the people of the town, rumors would have not grown about her, and caused even more

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