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  • Essay On Orchestra

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    Q1. Research on Orchestra. i.Definition The definition of orchestra is a large group of musicians who using musical instrument to perform a musical. There some of the musical instrument that play in the orchestra such as Violin, Jazz, Trumpet, and others. Basically orchestra will be held at the space in front of the stage in a modern theater. (Your Dictionary ©2017 by LoveToKnow Corp) ii. Types of orchestra Symphony orchestra Symphony orchestra is a music group of 50 to 100 musicians. It was include

  • Orchestra Concert Critique

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    Countless hours of practice had led up to this. I was in 8th grade, and the orchestra concert was just about to start. There was a feeling of excitement in the air, and I was anxiously waiting for the cue. While the concert may not have been very lengthy, the effort that the orchestra, as a whole, put in to make it happen, was immense. Dozens of class periods, and hours of practicing at home to perfect the few pieces of music we were about to proudly show off to the audience. The stage lights were

  • Cuban-American Orchestra Observation

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    In the year 2012, the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba made a historic visit to the United States. I opted to witness the orchestra in the town of Aiken, South Carolina. I was extremely excited to experience the reaction to the orchestra in the South America. The performance of the band was scheduled by 9 pm on Tuesday, 2ND November, at the Etherredge Center, Aiken. As I reached the center, I saw that a studio theater was prearranged as the green room for the band. Some snacks including sandwiches

  • The Gold Rush Orchestra Analysis

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    The Gold Rush featuring an orchestra would be more effective. The primary reason for this is because of the upper-class being associated with the orchestra. Because the middle class desired to be like the upper-class, they would be attracted to watching the film with an orchestral accompaniment since it would be the version the upper-class would watch. Because an orchestra was more expensive than a pianist, the lower class traditionally did not view films with an orchestra, meaning the middle class

  • Orchestra Analysis Act 8

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    The orchestra was melodic and colorful, although was sometimes a bit stoic. In all, the texture of the orchestra was crisp and spirited. Act I starts with a beautiful scenography in the countryside where Aricie is waiting to serve Diana, but Aricie finds her love for Hyppolyte, the son of Thesee. The scene where is the introduction of Aricie ceremony Diana arrival was presented by the orchestra with thunderous noises. One of most impressive scenes was when Thesee travels to Hades and he get captured

  • Orchestra Concert Review Essay

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    The Appalachian Symphony Orchestra performed, Celebration and Remembrance. The orchestra opened with Fanfare for the Common Man. Which was conducted by Mr. Smith. It was a great way to start off a World War II and Civil War Memorial concert. It was the opening piece and the orchestra was full of energy, and came out loud and with the bang. It brought a sense of suspense, with the opening bass drum so loud and firm, the audience jumped a little in their seats. You could envision war while listening

  • Severance Hall: The Cleveland Orchestra

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    Severance Hall is home to the world renowned orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra. Due to my father playing french horn in the orchestra and my Mother being a vocalist, listening to music was part of my daily life. Close to the age of four, my Mother began to take me to orchestra performances at the hall. It would be another seven years before I found a reason to delve into music when I picked up the trumpet in the fifth grade. The satisfaction kept me going for long enough that I would find exciting

  • Visit To A Symphony Orchestra Essay

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    For this assignment I went to a symphony orchestra. The place was comfortable and very secure. When entering the concert hall people showed to be very composed and organized. While finding their seats most of them picked the front and middle row, and were happily chatting and taking pictures before the concert started. In other words, it had a very pleasant and happy mood. Most of the individuals that assisted were mostly from 45+ of age. There were also a handful of young people, and very few children

  • Summary: The Rhythm Society Orchestra

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    The Rhythm Society Orchestra Swing Jazz Band The concert I choose to attend, was a swing band called; The Rhythm Society Orchestra. The orchestra performed on July 2, 2015, in a small town about an hour away. In the community of Howell, Michigan, the concert that was put on by the Opera House of Howell, outside in the courtyard; in front of the town 's courthouse. The show started at 7:00 pm, and ended at 9:00 pm, which was free to the public to enjoy. Upon arriving, I had learned there would not

  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Review Essay

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    On April 29, 2018 I saw the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform songs featuring works from Prokofiev, Mozart and Beethoven. These pieces were conducted by Carlo Rizzi and featured Elizabeth Koch Tiscione on the oboe. The orchestra consisted of violins, violas, cello, and bass for strings, and flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, and trumpet for the winds. The first selection was four movement work “Symphony No. 1 in D Major, Opus 25, ‘Classical’” composed by Sergei Prokofiev. This first movement

  • Fantasia 1940 Live Orchestra Analysis

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    programming in Fantasia 1940 is the live orchestra and guest speaker. The classical music of live orchestra still needs to be included in the Fantasia film (1940) at the beginning because it has good connections with the venue, which is Disney Concert Hall and most importantly, the characters and contents of this film. There will be many people, who will want and be engage in watching this whole film as there is a little excitement of live orchestra performance going on at the beginning.

  • Montgomery Symphony Orchestra Concert Report

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    I attended the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra’s opening concert on October twelfth with my twelve-year-old brother in law. Before the opening piece, the orchestra was tuning and no one was quiet for their tuning. It was very rude to the performers that were trying to tune. People came in during the first piece as well. The person to my left kept hitting me in my shoulder. Most of the people that showed up were dressed very nice. The performers wore all black tuxedos and dresses to keep the attention

  • Orchestra 2 Concert Report

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    Orchestra 2 was a UNLV production that mixed together three dances, each incorporating a unique dance style and music selection. The stage was well lit with different colors for different times during the performance. The music was played at a reasonable volume, the music was loud enough to be heard, but did not take away anything from the dancing itself. The background and setting was only alright. I did not quite understand the wood displays in the background, they did not seem to represent anything

  • West Suburban Symphony Orchestra Review Essay

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    Over the past weekend, I saw the West Suburban Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra included, Violin 17, Viola 8, Cello 7, Contrabass 5, Harp 1, Flute and Piccolo 3, Oboe 2, English Horn 1, Clarinet 2, Bass Clarinet 1, Saxophone 1, Bassoon 2, Contrabassoon 1, French Horn 5, Trumpet 3, Trombone 2, Bass Trombone 1, Tuba 1, and Percussion 5. There was also some vocalists including Soprano 14, Alto 15, Tenor 11, and Bass 8. The two pieces that were being performed were, Symphony No. 1 - Winter Dreams -

  • Why I Want To Be A Orchestra Essay

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    caught sight of the orchestra room. It was full of interesting instruments, and enthusiastic hominids, like me, ready to learn. At first I assumed it was not the correct choice for me, but then I got a feel for it and realized how inspiring and life eventful it is. I chose orchestra as my educational activity because it gives you the ability to show off and gain important skills, benefits your body, and teaches you valuable lessons about teamwork. One reason I chose to join orchestra because, it teaches

  • Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra Concert Report

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    On Saturday, March 12, 2016, the Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra (IVSO) preformed in the Ottawa High School Auditorium. During the presentation four songs were preformed. Within the four songs came two separate solos. The solos were preformed by two young ladies that were still attending high school. Overture on Hebrew Themes, op. 34: To start off the performance the orchestra preformed Sergei Prokofiev’s Overture on Hebrew Themes. Prokofiev wrote the piece in the twentieth century. The piece

  • Pvc Youth Orchestra Program Plan Sample

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    The goal of my long-term project is to design and implement a program that allows for students in grades 7 through 12 to participate in an orchestra. All students who take part in the program will have the opportunity to construct their own instrument from PVC pipe. Using PVC to build cellos, violins, flutes, harps, and other instruments is substantially cheaper than purchasing traditionally made instruments. The process of building each instrument from scratch also allows for each student to

  • Practicing One's Responsibility For Freshman And Concert Orchestra

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    teens to take care of those younger than them. Not only that, but those who are older are set as examples for those younger than them. This seen within our school's music curriculum. Philharmonic orchestra and its members are seen as how most orchestra members should be like for Freshman and Concert orchestra. Practicing one's instrument while maintaining an average to excellent grades is a responsibility that must be done. As a member of Philharmonic, performing this responsibility is important. In

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Orchestra Conductors By Igor Stravinsky

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    Composer Igor Stravinsky wrote an essay about orchestra conductors and his point of view on them. To express his opinion, he used many rhetorical strategies to further explain his thoughts. First, Stravinsky uses aphorism to illustrate a common belief; taking the belief that, “if you are unable to listen to the music”(43-44), at a concert then you can watch the conductor, but “if you are able, you had better not go to the concert”(45), he explains that people often mistake, “the conductor's gestures

  • A Comparison Of Ravel's Concerto In G Major For Piano And Orchestra

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    Ravel’s Concerto in G Major for Piano and Orchestra invoked a much wider range of musical variation than “Selections from the Gershwin Songbook.” For example, the use of dynamics in Ravel’s piece was very contrasting. There were moments of very soft, excited playing. This would then explode into a very loud portion of the song. The second movement, adagio assai, was much more controlled and reflective than the first and third movement. It presented varied musical theme. The manner in which