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and and Colorguard have been practicing constantly, and achieved many awards during the last few parades. The members of Colorguard and Band have been working their tails off every day to ensure more achievements in the future. Band members have been practicing everyday to get everything right. They start practice at 7:40 a.m, and play through the first period of the day with another period for Concert Band and after-school practices until 9 p.m. To get prepared for competitions, they all must arrive on time and do the visual and music parts of their warm-ups. After all the warm-ups, the drum major dismisses each section to go onto the field to perform. Although the rigorous practices take up many hours, at the end of the day, the results are worth it. Each band member works hard and gives 110% when they perform. Freshman Julia Ma commented, “I think it pays off. All the hours we 've spent during rehearsals, it 's torture at times but it 's all worth it when you perform.” Sophomore Dana Cho added in, “Band members know that once they signed up for band, they signed up for not only total …show more content…

With practices ranging from four to five hours a day, each member puts all of their energy into their choreography. “Usually two to three hours before we compete, we have a quick rehearsal to have everything fresh in our mind. The team then splits into half, so one half can spin saber while the others practice flags. We spend about an hour and a half then move on to swing flag,” stated sophomore Jessy He when asked about how they prep for competition. Due to the long practices, the members are usually exhausted, but proud of each other and how hard they have worked. “I feel like everyone can definitely improve, but in the end every practice is worth going to,” commented Jessy. “All the adrenaline we build up from practices goes into competitions so it’s worth it in the end,” added sophomore Coco

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