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While his peers fill their weekend plans with friends or by studying for algebra, Junior, Richard Conie, takes his time to perform locally. Conie and a couple of his friends came together with their talents, to form a band known as “North of Lane”. They have gone from practicing in garages, to opening at the LC Pavilion. Stage fright can be terrifying for the typical teenager, but this is one thing not to scare Richard Conie. Their success only continues with their growth of experience. They have now gone on to donating their funds to charity programs such as Sam’s Fans. North of Lane has successfully raised thousands of dollars for charity. Keeping up with the band’s progress is simple by following them on social media @NorthofLane or looking up the latest news on their website. Conie’s band still continues to …show more content…

Conie: “I had been playing the guitar for a few years and had become kind of bored or unsatisfied with not doing anything about it. So the next thing I knew, I wanted to start a band.”

Q: Where do you guys practice?
Conie: “We practice at eachothers houses, and usually on Sundays. Typically we practice a couple of cover songs that we like to play for fun. Other times, we like to practice and make new original songs.”

Q: Where have you played before?
Conie: “We have played at the LC Pavilion two times now and we do a lot of charity work.”

Q: What kind of charity work have you done?
Conie: “We’ve raised money for Sam’s Fans which is a program that wants to to promote Music and Art therapy for the seriously ill children and their families. We have also raised money for a Leukemia foundation in honor of Hayden Deroberts.”

Q: Have there been any changes with your band?
Conie: “Mostly we have been the same. The only real changes have been with our equipment or gigs.”

Q: Do you make profit when you play?
Conie: “No, we don’t make profit every time we play. It depends on where we play or if it is a charity

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