Summary Of The Greg Billings Band: Concert Critique

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Concert Critique – Greg Billings Band
The performers are Greg Billings: Lead vocals, Tom King: Bass guitar, George Harris: Guitar and vocals, Rob Stoney: Keyboards, vocals and harmonica, Mark Busto: Drums and vocals. Kyle Ashley: Guitar. The band today includes Greg and Tom from the original band Stranger. Greg is a friend of mine as well as a colleague. He has since left the company to pursue music full time. I have seen Greg and Tom perform as Stranger and The Greg Billings Band. Greg is a very down to earth typical guy that anyone could associate with. Stranger released several albums as had some hits that established them as a “Florida Rock Band”. Greg has been performing since the early 1980s when Stranger began in 1981. Stranger was together for 16 years. Greg then was in another band Damn the Torpedoes for a few years which then led him to start The Greg Billings Band.
The music that was performed falls into Southern Rock which is a sub-genre of Rock. This stylistic type of music is Rock and Roll with Rhythm and Blues. The Greg Billings Band comprises Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica and Drums. The songs performed were written by Greg and other members of the band. During a GBB performance they typically include …show more content…

I know I have been pulled up on stage to sing Okeechobee Whisky a time or two. The performers are all in tune and in step as a typical rock band would be. The other band members feed off of Greg’s energy that he extracts from the crowd. The more the crowd participates the more fun Greg and the band have performing. The band seems to get in sync with the crowd and the performance is driven by the band and the crowd together. Greg and band seem to develop a relationship with the crowd and play to their current mood and the playlist seems to change depending on what the band is reading from the

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