Lynyrd Skynyrd Music Analysis

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Music carries each and every one of us to a new awareness. It can reach to the innermost part of an individual. Music can envelope our emotions from tears all the way to our joy. It captivates and motivates. As I attended a concert on Saturday, November 7, 2015, Lynyrd Skynyrd performed with power and feeling to their audience. The audience ranged over four generations. For a band to begin forming by 1965 and performing by 1970, their music can punctuate and electrify the generation of today. By understanding the origin of Lynyrd Skynyrd, an individual could feel how this Southern Rock band injected sorrow, joy, and sometimes confusion in their electric jams. They loved their guitars. This group was not a Confederate flag-waving, redneck band. Their music…show more content…
The five members went to school together, were friends together and also decided to quit school together. Their school teacher Leonard Skinner who followed the guidelines set by the school demanded for each of the five members to get a haircut before they could return to school. The members refused and never returned to school. This tight-knit group practiced together continuously. Their lives intertwined with each other and they became a close-knit family. They had an unusual barroom swagger, but their distinctive style was the guitar. Not only did they love the guitar, but they introduced to the audience a triple-lead guitar sound. This band uses the four elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre. As I listened to their music, I could the rhythm in each of their songs. Some songs used a 2/4 signature time and a 4/4 signature time. I could feel the beat of the music and the frequency of the pitch and tone of their notes. It was electrifying. My heart seemed to jive to the tempo as I was singing along with the

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