1968 Musical Breakthrough

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1968: A Musical Breakthrough What is the most lasting impression that came out of the year 1968? Could it be the devastating Vietnam conflict that led the public’s distrust in the United States government? Or perhaps it was the Civil rights issues that led to massive protests around the nation. Or more importantly was it the fact that people had a right? A right to standup against old ideals and have their voice heard. Whatever their motivation may have been, they were not alone. Musicians from this year were fighting write along side their fans, not with their fists, but with their poetic lyrics and anti-government vibes. These artists played a very significant role in regards to the generation of ’68. There are three areas that music had …show more content…

The music scene in the United States was abruptly about to change. This new craze rocked the youth in the nation like never before. These bands had success like nothing seen before, their influence gave way for other artists to break into the music scene. With the war in Vietnam growing, so were the anti-war songs. Folk singers like Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie protested the war with their music and allowed protesters to have an anthem for their cause. Guthrie’s, Alice’s Restaurant is a classic example of this new protest song. It could be heard playing everywhere during this year. Not only was folk music inspiring people to protest it was also influencing other genres and bands. These newcomers to the stage, like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf and many others rocked the youth like never before. Their influence lyrics were heard everywhere, they put on shows for their fans. Their music was heard all the way in Vietnam where soldiers jammed out to it as they fought the …show more content…

Artists from this era were not simply song writers and “models” they were the same youth who indulged in the same temptations as their fans. They lived the life that they wrote about, Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll was not just an anthem, it was a way of life. The youth from this era experimented with many drugs including LSD, Grass, ludes, and Heroin. They hangout together and experimented with each other and lived the life of the music they were listening to. Artists from this time were no different, they used the same as their fans and it engulfed and took away some of the greatest musicians from this time, such as Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison. The youth of this era lived the music from this time to the fullest, as did the musicians singing it. The impact music had on youth of this era was not like any other generation. Another notable example from this year is the musical, HAIR, which produced many number one and influenced a lot of anti-war sentiment. Th music helped give these people and escape, even if it was only

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