The Beatles Political Influence

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February 9th, 1964: The Beatles took the world by storm by making their debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. The popular rock group included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They’ve changed the world with their music and became the best selling band in history. The Beatles are one of the most influential music groups impacting the world in more ways than one. The Beatles were considered political activists by using their music as a way to talk about issues happening in the real world at that time. The Beatles “were the first to really legitimize popular music as a form of political expression, and through this expression inspired political activity and participation amongst those who consumed their music; young people,” …show more content…

They were creating things out of the box that no one could imagine. The famous song “Tomorrow Never Knows” stood out from other songs being produced at the time. Using unaccustomed techniques “The song itself sounded like virtually nothing the band had recorded up to that point,” (Dempsey). The Beatles were pushing themselves musically. They were setting an example for other musical groups showing that experimenting with sound and going beyond comfort will pay off in the long run. The Beatles have been revolutionizing music since the time they wrote their first song to the modern sound of the twenty first century. “Through ceaseless inventiveness, The Beatles set musical trends that are still being followed,” (Dempsey). Bands, like Oasis, have credited The Beatles to impacting several of their songs. By being the most successful songwriters of their age, it is no surprise that their style is influencing music to this extent. The Beatles have become one of the most influential bands through their musical innovation. The Beatles influenced everyday life as well as music, allowing them to be one of the most influential music groups on record. Through music the Fab Four were political activists who lead young people to be involved, became the faces of what fashion was supposed to be, and inspired musicians worldwide. The night The Beatles stepped onto “The Ed Sullivan Show” is the night music changed

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