The Beatles Informative Speech

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I) Introduction:
Hello everyone today I will speak to you about an English rock band who most of you have heard off, “The Beatles”. They were one of the biggest musical icons in history. The band consisted of 4 legends: John Lennon (guitar), George Harrison (guitar), Paul McCartney (bass) and Ringo Starr (drums).
Moreover, “ The Beatles” made a breakthrough in deferent regions such as music, film, literature, art, and fashion. Even after their career ended The Beatles made a big influence on the lifestyle and culture of several generations. The words of their songs and images passed on influential ideas of love, peace, and imagination and helped in breaking walls in the thoughts of the people, therefore making a big impact on music and human history .
(internal preview) Now that we have a brief intro about who "The Beatles" are lets move on to more details. I will focus on 3 aspects in order to really comprehend the legend of the Beatles…The formation of the …show more content…

Who: (in order of joining date)
i. John Lennon: The Ironic. The Ironic. He composed melodies that lectured about peace and righteousness, yet he was in certainty egotistical. ii. Paul McCarteny: The Competitive. He constantly looked for consideration and dependably contended with Lennon to improve the tunes for the band. Be that as it may, the best tunes of the Beatles were the ones co-: composed by both Lennon and McCartney. iii. George Harrison: The idealistic. He had faith in a perfect world that never materialized. Between every one of the individuals from the band, Harrison was the most masterfully subdued despite the fact that his optimism roused the majority of their music. iv. Ringo Star: The heartbeat. Ringo was the last to join the Beatles and therefore, the band was finished. Inside a year they were stars in Britain and Europe and the year after that they vanquished whatever remains of the world. Ringo was likewise in charge of the tune titles of "A Hard Day's Night" and "Tomorrow Never

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