The Beatles Impact On Australia In The 1960's

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The Beatles’ impact on Australia in the 1960’s was massive. They gave people hope in a time of war and helped people through the tough times by giving them something inspiring and fun. When the Beatles came to Australia it was massive, people started wearing different clothes and nearly every one stared to listen to the Beatles unique style of music. They gave people a new style that Australia had not seen before, and yet, everyone loved it.
Back in 1964 every teenager across the nation went from wearing trim grey suits and shiny black boots to wearing cheap suits and grasping for rock and roll stardom all because of one breathtaking band, The Beatles. The Beatles sparked a change in the way teenagers walked talked and acted. They managed to …show more content…

The Beatles stood out because of the appearance they choose to wear nice clean clothes. Much of their wardrobe from fashionable friends they meet in their early days in Hamburg. The Beatles also controlled their music by which was based on rhythm and blues.
Looking back now It seems a bit ridiculous now, but before the Beatles came to Australia longhair was a term applied to a really small group of peoples mostly celebrity’s or artists . “Longhairs” was the term they used. By the 1966 the Beatles were encouraging facial hair the full blown hippie look wasn’t that far around the corner and the Beatles hit that trend on the head. By the end of the 1960s the mop top was getting referred to as old fashion and out dated.
It was a clear thing in the Beatles career that there appeal was not limited to just one age group like some of the new music. The teenagers made up the biggest portion of the Beatles fan base but that didn’t stop the older and younger generation getting on board as well. One of the ways to appeal to a very young audience was to meet them on their level and so they approved the production of a weekly animated series that would feature their music. Also that is much forgetting was their other Beatles cartoon that ran in the late 60s. They were also the first pop music cartoon it was probably the first cartoon based on real life

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