Beatles Vs Beach Boys Essay

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Two of the biggest groups to separate themselves from the other bands of the 1960s were the Beach Boys and the Beatles. Each had their own style of rock ’n’ roll and their own way of creating new music. The Beatles had a very British pop style at the start, which morphed into their unique style of music as they blended and mixed it with different kinds of “world music.” The band worked together to write and develop their style, which was different from the Beach Boys “whose creative center was unquestionably one member of the group” (Starr & Waterman, 305) Brian Wilson. Through Wilson, the Beach Boys developed a surfin’ style of rock ’n’ roll and like the Beatles, Wilson liked to experiment with different instruments and effects to change their sound. Having the ability to play with their music like this meant that they needed an encouraging producer, like the Beatles producer George Martin, or they needed to be the producer, so Wilson took on the job. Wilson had a clear way of creating music as a producer and he stated many times that his model was Phil Spector. Spector was an innovator and used new recording technologies to create his “wall of sound” that was so prevalent in the songs he produced. He got this particular sound by doubling the amount of instruments used and creating an echo effect in the studio. Spector was also very specific …show more content…

from the board to give it the sound that is so popular. Many styles of music are popular, but the pop style of music is sort of a blended version of the techno dance music that was popular in the 1980s and other styles like, rock, rap, hip hop, r&b, etc. There have been many producers that have paved the way for the style of music we have today including Giorgio Moroder, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, and Max Martin. All brought different genres of music to the pop charts and influenced the next style of music that came

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