Summary: The Beatles Influence On Popular Culture

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“In a country in which popular culture is extremely important, there’s nobody more important than The Beatles.” Steven Stark, a friend of The Beatles once said. The Beatles are not only the biggest band of their time, they are one of the biggest bands of all times. The Beatles did not just sing to sing, they sang to give hope to a generation, they set some of the highest standards in popular culture, they changed music forever, and they still manage to affect our generation today.
During the sixties, when The Beatles were first introduced to The United States; they were in a depression. Due to the wars, they did not have much to look forward to. However, that was until February 7, 1964 when The Beatles first came to The United States to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. Most people still did not know that much about The Beatles yet, they were a mystery to everyone. Therefore, everyone were in for a surprise two nights later when they performed. That night, over 40% of the United States tuned in to watch The Beatles perform (“The Beatles”): “Some say it was the night the second half of the 20th Century officially began,” (“When the …show more content…

In other words, they changed popular culture. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame puts it this way: “They literally stood the world of pop culture on its head, setting the musical agenda for the remainder of the decade” (“The Beatles”). There is nobody more important than The Beatles when it comes to popular culture (“The Beatles”). The Beatles changed fashion; in hope to be like the band, boys started growing their hair out, purchasing cheap suits, and buying boots just like The Beatles. The sixties were about personal liberation, with this in mind, The Beatles had perfected a soundtrack to go with that. As Steven Stark once said, “In a country in which popular culture is extremely important, there’s probably nobody more important than The

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