How Did The Beatles Become Successful

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The Beatles
Beatles started off playing at local clubs after a couple of years as they were building up their An English band from Liverpool, England formally known as “The Beatles” was formed in 1960’s. The reputation, one of the band member suffered a tragic death; eventually The Beatles ended up breaking up in 1970.The Beatles started building their career at local clubs in Hamburg, West Germany where they gained most of their popularity and led to their first recording single. Brian Epstein (became The Beatles manager in December 1961) helped polish the groups appearance; attired them in dapper collarless gray suits. Epstein made them appear more accessible than menacing leathers they use to wear. Stuart Sutcliffe (the bassist) left the band to pursue his career as an artist; less than year after he left, he died of a brain hemorrhage. The Beatles music stood the world of pop culture setting the musical agenda for the remainder of the decade. Beatles charted 20 number one singles in the states; …show more content…

George Harrison”( the singer, songwriter and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist) was deported from the band for being under age. Stuart Sutcliffe the bassist left the band to pursue his career as an artist; less than a year after leaving, he died of a brain hemorrhage. Allan Williams (The Beatles original booking agent and first manager) booked The Beatles in Bruno Koshmiders Indra club in Hamburg on August 12, 1960. As they had no permanent drummer Paul McCartney (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals) was offered to play with the band and also was offered a percentage. Later The Beatles were offered to play at a club at Austin offering a better pay much more than they would get paid in Hamburg. Their playing schedule at Kaisekeller remained the same as it had been in Indra (every song lasted twenty minutes and twenty solos) playing five or six 90 minute sets every

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