The Beatles Relationship Analysis

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Song1: I Want to Hold Your Hand

-“I Want to Hold Your Hand” it was released on the 29th November 1963 which was produced by George Martin.1.
-This is Beatles’ first song recorded on four tracks, which is different to their usual two track recording. 1.4.
-This song was used in the movie called “Across the Universe, but at a slower tempo.1.
- One of the two songs that Beatles recorded in Germany. (recoeded in Germen)

Purpose of This Piece
Their manager Brian Epstein asked them to write a song for the American market and was wrote with intention of getting into American music scene. 1.2.3.

This song was written at Jane Asher’s (Paul’s girlfriend) house’s basement. This song was made because John and Paul were playing piano at the same time, then Paul hits the chord which made the song.2

Success in Society
-On the first day when the song was released, it becomes the top of British record charts.
-“I want to hold your hand” “beat” ”She loves you” and became the number one, since Elvis Presey. “Beatles” were the first band who replaced itself at the position of number one.
-It became first in the US chart as it remained on the chart for fifteen weeks and since 1962 it was the first English band that became first.1.
-This song was the beatles “best-selling world wide” with 12 million copies in the United Kingdom.1.
-It became famous in Germany as well,nowadays the English version is famous then the English version.1.

Impacts on Society
-This song became

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