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From one band to the next Jimmy Page was not going to let his passion for guitar playing fade. It all started with the Yardbirds. The Yardbirds was a group of young British players who wanted to create their own sound while mimicking the sounds of others just to get a jump start. Page was offered a spot on the forming band but it was not for playing the guitar. In fact, his career started off playing the bass until a fellow band member, Chris Dreja, started to play the instrument which led Page to play the guitar. Jimmy Page had lived it out with the Yardbirds and they became so popular that they opened for a very well-known band, the Rolling Stones. Once one of the guitarist, Jeff Beck, got fired from the band the music that was produced was …show more content…

The “new” band traveled the US preforming as an opening for other bands. The group had produced their first album Led Zeppelin I. This album was liked by some and hated by others. However, it was their second album that made them widely known and shaped the genre of hard rock, heavy metal, and blues rock. Led Zeppelin II was released on October 22, 1969. It had a total of 9 tracks, one of which became very special to the band. “Whole Lotta Love” was the bands “anthem” whenever they would perform on stage. This track hit number 4 on pop charts and by the end of the year soared to the top of charts everywhere. Every song in this album has a riff and is hard rock. It might sound unpleasant to some ears while to others it sounds pleasant. However, other songs in this album including “The Lemon Song” and “Bring It on Home” have more of a blues rock feel. They are slower and softer but still contain some sort of riff. All in all the albums songs have a rock vibe and is prominent once you listen to the songs. The song “Moby Dick” is interesting to listen to as it has no singing lyrics. It starts off with the guitar and drums and then goes to Bonham playing solo and ends with the same beats and tempo as the beginning. It was said that the reason for the drum solo was for the band members to take a quick smoke break during

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