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I am ready to board the ship, and set sail – pointing towards a bright future of being an ECU pirate. Being admitted into the Honors College at ECU would be the catalyst to a successful future. As a high school senior, I am considering many universities and believe that being apart of the ECU community would allow me to reach my full potential. Growing up I have always set high standards for myself academically and extracurricularly. I participate in many clubs at my school including BETA club and National Honor Society. Not only do these clubs recognize academic excellence, they also provide many opportunities for community service. Blood drives, food drives and Operation Christmas Child are only a few of the projects that we participate in throughout the year. I am …show more content…

I am accustomed to a rigorous course load and having to manage my time. Being a part of the Honors College, surrounded by those who share the same ideals and high standards as I do, will only further my success. Living in an academically inclined environment would allow for me to make great working relationships and friendships! Not only that, but the Honors College provides many opportunities for study groups and extra help; which will be rather beneficial considering I am planning on majoring in biochemistry. I would be an exceptional candidate for the Honors College because I am not only interested in getting a fantastic education, but I want to get involved in the school and make my college experience the best that it can be. The Honors College would provide many opportunities for the expansion of my education and global perspectives. I would take advantage of all the opportunities granted, and broaden my education as much as possible. Getting involved in the ECU community and making college not only an academic experience but a life experience is what makes me most excited and most hopeful to be part of the Honors

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