Honors College Benefits

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There are many ways that a student can benefit by participating in the Honors College, from growth in academics to development in communication and networking skills. The Honors College is a program that has a diverse amount of resources which can help me achieve my goals as I enroll into the university. For instance, an intellectual goal that I have and hope to achieve while participating in the Honors College is to expand my knowledge and wisdom beyond the classroom. Through the Honors College, I hope to be able to gain new methods of overcoming challenges and to gain the ability to think through situations and problems in a more ingenious way. The Honors College will introduce me to many intelligent and motivated people which as a result…show more content…
My communication and social skills will progressively improve as I participate in the Honors College. Especially as I continue to have constant interaction with my fellow peers. Consequently, assisting me in another one of my personal goals, which is forming relationships with a new group of people and taking the most out of my college experiences. The Honors College also provides me with a study abroad opportunity which allows me to open myself up to different cultures, styles, and environments. In addition to my own personal benefits, participating in the Honors College will also assist me in pursuing my professional goals. Through my participation in the Honors College, I will work and use all the resources that the Honors College has to offer so that I can excel in the nursing program at Appalachian University. And to use the skills, experience, and knowledge gained from being a part of the Honors College and the nursing program to work diligently to become a reliable and responsible person as I work to secure a career as an ER nurse. The advanced work and courses that the Honors College provides will better prepare me and give me an advantage over others who have not received the support and resources that the Honors College gives to their
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