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I am very honored to be a student that is considered to be a member of National Honors Society. I have wanted to be a member since I started high school, and I know that this organization will help me in the future. I have worked very hard to get to where I am, and I hope I can continue that in this organization. To be a member I have to show scholarship, character, leadership and service qualities, which I think that I have. In National Honors Society, they recognize students with outstanding grades. I believe that I have done so, and I have worked hard to get the grades that I have gotten. My cumulative GPA is a 3.923 which I think is commendable. My grades are a top priority, and they are expected of me from my parents. I really care about my grades, and I try my hardest to keep them up. If my grades are …show more content…

I believe that I have done this as well. For community service hours, a group of friends and I raked leaves for the elderly. We did this after school to help out the people who cannot do this on their own but want it to be done. I did not have to do this, but I chose to because someday I will be in the same position. I worked well with the group that we had. We found ways to get the raking done faster. I think that this also relates to my character because it shows that I am helpful, and I can work well with others. All in all, I believe that my service of raking leaves for the elderly shows my character. In conclusion, I am very humbled to be one of the students that could be selected to become part of National Honors Society. I think that I show great character through my scholarship and service that I have stated before, and I hope to be one of the next members of the organization. I believe what I have done will help me improve and develop my character needed to meet and serve all of the expectations of the National Honors Society to the

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