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Recieveing this letter that I was inducted to be in the National Junior Honor Society made my heart beat faster than I’d ever keep track of, knowing that I was more of a gifted student. Every heart beat was building up my stimulation about this honor, telling me that I demonstrate scholarship, citizenship, character, leadership, and service. To know that I have all of those traits in me makes me feel more of a part of this society, and has made me begin to realize the considerable things that I’ve done. This oppertunity is great for me because I can expand my inner and outer school activities to show what great things I do in my time. I truly enjoy having a mental achievement in school, knowing that my grades sit at the top of the A’s shelf and hardly sit on level B. Having this is a substainable attainment for the National Junior Honor Society to see about me, and that I have scholarship in me. I work my way up to the best of my ability, especially when my brain is fried. I was absent from school one day home with throat pain ( I am rarely absent) , and I completed a major project in my science cateory, turning it in early and getting a towering 94%. I work day and night, and with an educated schlarship, things get done with the highest grade I …show more content…

I like to always show that spark of humor that was born inside of me to not only give me the out look of an unsophisticated lady with no laughter but to show that I can put a smile on many faces. A character trait I love to have that not everyone has is kindness. I believe that everyone should have a neutral affection towards each other, and I want to adore that information for others to see. When I made the school soccer team in sixth grade ( one out of four), I cried not tears of joy, but tears of kindnesss that my other friends didn’t make the team. THe kindness sprouted inside of

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