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Being a leader and working well along others are two of the many characteristics that will create future leaders within not only this country, but around the world. The GGC Honors Program is the right path towards enhancing many of those characteristics. With the diversity within the school, the honors program without a doubt is no less diverse and it allows many to connect with people from around the world and learn many skills that they provide. The program will allow me to also push myself academically wise and lead me towards a path containing many opportunities. Being the eldest of three, leadership has become second nature to me because of the responsibility that was given to me from a young age. Being a leader is not only about leading …show more content…

Creativity is also something that I am very committed to because it pushes people to explore new boundaries and come up with ideas that excite and bring positive energy into their lives. I enjoy hearing the ideas of friends, coworkers, etc., because I will never underestimate the power of an idea. Creativity is what has allowed us to progress over time. In this program many other students will be providing me their creative thoughts and solutions, which allows new ideas to be born and causes a cycle. Service is also important because when we provide any of our time into helping someone or something out it allows us to stay humble and acknowledge what is going on around us. I want to become more involved in services and the honors program will allow me to do so. I am also very well committed to scholarships because with working and school, having financial aid does remove some stress from my life. It also pushes me to work hard to maintain or gain a certain scholarship. The fact that this program can assist anyone in filling out scholarship applications is beyond admirable, because they can get confusing and many need a helping hand in putting down the right

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