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Prompt 1: Personal Statement
 I am sincerely honored and excited to be considered for membership in the National Honor Society (NHS). I believe NHS’s ideals are qualities needed to succeed in both high school and in life. I have learned in order to maximize my personal growth, it is important to dedicate myself to, not only grades, but to leadership, service, and community. Other qualities I utilize daily are respect and humility towards others and towards myself. Prioritizing is paramount to be well-rounded as I balance high honors, varsity team sports, work and community service. These attributes have helped lead me to my academic achievements and service to others. I believe that my character is defined by these qualities which is what is ultimately presented to others and the community through my attitude and actions. I have learned that delayed gratification is a product of self discipline and dedication. I value challenges and realize life is a marathon, not a sprit. High school life is the same way; academically you have to be disciplined to remain on task focus and dedicated to ensure the time to study to improve your skills. I am currently ranked 10th in my class and aspire to attend a good college. I enjoy the challenges of advanced math and sciences. I am ready to …show more content…

Humility is important because it motivates me to look for ways to improve, and accept that I will always have more to learn. I have completed seventy hours of volunteering before the beginning of my junior year. My fifty hours of service at the Shapleigh Community Library has shown me that mutual respect and humility for different age groups creates a positive working environment. As a ski school instructor at Mount Cranmore working with young skiers, I learned the power of patience and humor while maintaining safety. Mount Cranmore has invited me back to work this winter

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