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My Values of becoming a part of the NJHS I am Lauren Forsyth and a student of Catonsville Middle School. I feel that I should be a part of National Junior Honor Society because of my dedication towards volunteering, leadership and citizenship. The following essay will demonstrate how I have dedicated my time towards volunteering, leadership and citizenship. As of 2016, I have dedicated myself to 47 hours of service learning and giving back to my community is a very important part of my life. In 6th grade I created a fundraiser to help breast cancer awareness to help find a cure for breast cancer and I had earned 5 service learning hours with two hundred dollars raised in total at my school. Last summer I earned thirty six service learning hours …show more content…

The qualities of a great leader is that that person is a very considerate, responsible and prepared person. They are considerate of people 's different ideas, also great leaders are responsible by helping people stay on task, prepared with all the materials needed and are prepared to help out with any conflicts that could happen. Being a member of the National Junior Honor Society will help me be able to grow into a great school and community leader because of being able to help the community, giving back to charities and helping out school activities. Also, being in NJHS will help me expand my knowledge of ways I can give back to the community which is very important for me to learn. Finally, the main difference between a good leader and a great leader is that a great leader will bring out people’s potential and will get their work done, but a good leader will not bring out people 's potential and will only get the work

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