Junior Honor Society Narrative

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Honestly, this may surprise you, but honestly, I am sad to leave the middle school. I have had many good memories in my times at the middle school, but I have also had some not so good memories. Even though I dread coming to school everyday, the teachers, the staff members, and the students make it a lot better. The best memories I have had at the middle school deal with Cougar News, Yearbook, and Junior Honor Society. Cougar News always looked fun to me, I loved watching people being live and the whole thing interested me. I always wanted to be on air with the whole school watching even though I knew if I would ever do it I would mess up. At first, I was very nervous to have the entire school watching me, but I got over that fear rather quickly. Right after I got over that fear, the worst thing happened, the computer froze and I was stuck being live projected with all my classmates watching. While all of this was happening Mr. Znavor decided to leave and “The Crew” who was supposed to know it all didn’t have any idea what to do. Since no one knew what to do Matt just started to wave his arm around like a windmill and I had read every announcement on the screen so I was just awkwardly staring at the camera. …show more content…

None of my friends were really in JHS but I decided to join anyway. I feel like we have a big role at the middle school because not only are we the students that have the younger grades looking up to us, I actually feel like a role model and that I make a difference. JHS was one of my favorite memories because we got to do fun things like paint paws on the lockers. We also get to have our own booths at like community drug prevention walks and after school activity nights. Being in JHS gives you a chance to make the school environment better by letting us hang signs around the school and having us do activities with our

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