Character In National Honor Society

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What does it mean to have character? Character is what makes each person so individual. Character is very specific to each person, and everyone’s character is different. Character can be broken down into six different pillars; each one exemplifying what is truly means to be a Nation Honor Society candidate, which is why character continues to be one of the most important pillars in National Honor Society. The first pillar of character is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is defined in the dictionary as “the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful”. Trustworthiness is often portrayed as someone who does not lie or someone who shows candor often. Trustworthiness is much more than simply telling the truth. Trustworthiness means that you …show more content…

Responsibility means being in charge of your choices and accepting the consequences of your actions. Responsibility means being accountable for yourself, and recognizing that our actions have consequences. Being accountable means to not blame others for your actions or take credit of other’s actions. Responsibility also means showing self-restraint. Self-restraint means restraining yourself from short term activities that could have negative consequences on yourself or your reputation. I believe that I represent self-restraint very well. In school, it is very easy to give in to procrastination and laziness and let your grades slip. During my freshman year, I receive the first B I had ever gotten, because I was unaware of how much work I would need to put into my high school education after I breezed through middle school. After this, I have shown self-restraint and ignored the indulgence of laziness and relaxation and have kept my grades since to all A’s. I have also represented accountability. I show accountability in my horseshow life. When I don’t ride my horse as often as I should and prepare myself and my horse for our shows, I do poorly in my events. I show responsibility by blaming my failure on my failure to prepare myself. I correct this by showing accountability and preparing me and my horse for our future

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