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I would like to be apart of ASB because I’m interested in helping Medea be the best school it can be. I always like to learn new things and I will appreciate new experiences learning from seventh and eighth graders. I am responsible and I am excited for my leadership skills to be tested. Also, I will gain more responsibility and learn more leadership skills throughout my time in ASB. As part of ASB, I will be able to work with other students who have similar interests and want to be fellow leaders at Medea.
I have been in student council at Oak Hills and have been class rep multiple times. This demonstrates that I attended and participated in meetings twice a month. I also helped plan and run activities and events for the students at school. For …show more content…

I also helped run our school carnival and class booths. My suggestions that were used were the bottle flipping race and treasure hunt. As part of my responsibilities as class representative, I was responsible for getting supplies, setting up and taking down the game, and running the game when students came to play. I am a very good student, I have always earned 4’s and 5’s in every class, social skills, and work habits. I was also involved in a program called women in history at my school. We learned a speech and then presented to younger grades. This shows that I can be trustworthy enough and accountable to learn my speech in the time given. This also shows that I am comfortable talking in front of other people respectfully. I also am involved in a lot of community service projects not just for school, but from outside activities as well. I have been in multiple canned food drives supporting the organization Manna. I also have volunteered at my stuffed bags many times helping children in the foster program. I have been very active in competitive sports since 1st

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