National Junior Honors Society

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National Junior Honors Society needs people who are hard working, and are ready to get the job done. I should be considered to be in National Junior Honors Society because I show scholarship and leadership, I have done many community service activities, and I show character and citizenship. I have done many activities involving scholarship and leadership. I am in violin, chorus, and other in-school and after school activities. This means I am familiar with other sides of school, and I can share my experiences and try to make them fit into what we do/what is done in NJHS. I also did cheerleading in my spare time and got to experience leadership qualities. I was made co- captain with a few other girls and made sure I did my job right. I can convert my knowledge of leadership into my time in NJHS if I am accepted into it. I also wouldn’t stray from A’s and B’s, and even now I don’t. I would never want to be low on grades. …show more content…

I have done a toy drive for the CT Children 's Med Center for 6th and 7th grade. NJHS is about helping our school and community. Helping with the toy drive helped me understand how to do things like that, which can help with any drives NJHS will plan in the future. I also helped with a clothing and toiletries drive for the women’s shelter. This can again help with planning any school drives that might be done by NJHS. It can also give ideas of what topic to do a drive on. I have also contributed to the NAACP Youth Group which did a drive for school supplies. If admitted into NJHS, I could maybe take inspiration from this, and we can do something for kids without enough school

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