Trends In National Honor Society

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During my years at Peoria Notre Dame HS, cheerleading has been a big part of my life, and something I hope to continue at the University of Dayton. I am an outgoing and social person and it’s easy for me to learn routines quickly. As captain for both the JV and varsity squads, I have put together multiple award winning routines, selecting the music, choreographing and teaching the routine to the squad. Besides the actual cheer routines, I have used my communication skills to keep squad members and their parents informed. I try to set a good example with my own behavior, I love helping to create enthusiasm for cheerleading in young kids, and I have learned a lot from mediating issues within the team. I think I could put all these things together …show more content…

I have a natural enthusiasm and like to promote causes I believe in. I would love the opportunity to help promote the University of Dayton by working as a tour guide or helping in the Admissions office.

I like to stay busy, and juggle lots of activities. As a member of student government, I chaired Homecoming Week both junior and senior years. Homecoming at PND has many traditions the students and alumni hold very special to them, including dress-up theme days all week, powder-puff football, olympics, trivia contests, the pep rally, homecoming court, the football game, and the dance, all of which I was in charge of. I am able to take on many leadership roles and do them all with a smile! University of Dayton students seem to have a great school spirit, and I would like to add my ideas to build it even …show more content…

My service hours consisted of coaching grade school cheerleading, volunteering for Snowflake (a retreat day for 8th grade students that is anti-drugs, anti-drinking, and anti-bullying and also attempts to bring the students closer to Christ). I worked in a soup kitchen and collected and distributed gifts at Christmas time for The Neighborhood House. I also organized many basket drives to collect food for the needy. I want to continue helping and serving others at UD. Over the past several years I have struggled with anxiety and depression. The peak of these illnesses came during one of the most important and stressful times in my high school career, junior year. I suddenly lost two of my grandparents, my parents were going through a divorce, which caused me to move out of my childhood home and into a new house with my mother and little brother, and I watched my father struggle with an illness. Fortunately, I was able to recover with the help of doctors, friends, and family. Through this experience, I learned I find the most happiness and contentment by keeping myself busy with things to benefit others and when I can use my expertise while contributing to a group or project. The happiness I have found while bringing the gift of community to those in need of it, through my service projects, is unlike any happiness I have ever felt before. This kind of happiness is true,

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