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There are opportunities around every corner to learn, to gain perspective, and to challenge our minds. Making learning accessible and bringing it out into our community is vital to show that there are opportunities to learn and to grow – and those opportunities are right in front of us.
As an adult leader and public relations coordinator of the DCHS STEM camp offered each summer, I target 4th – 8th grade students to give them a hands-on experience and help them develop their knowledge in skills in a nontraditional learning environment. Beginning with 4th grade teacher nominations, we invite these kids to the week-long camp where we do STEM based projects designed to build critical thinking and problem solving skills. Adults from the community are invited to lend their expertise and to connect with the student “campers.” While the adult leaders spend months planning, we know that we cannot possibly do this without high school student volunteers. It is their connection to the campers that makes the program successful. Many of the high school students are returning volunteers and it is a joy to see the high-vies, hugs, and chatter as they reconnect. …show more content…

This is open to K-8th graders and their families. This year brought close to 1,000 participants to our building. For my station, I recruited several students to run the activities. I did this because it is important for younger students to see the high school students in action and because it is important to teach the older students to volunteer in their communities. After two long hours, one student turned to me and said, “Mrs. Luedars, can we do this again next month?” It is such a simple concept to put students of different age groups together, but it definitely provides a unique and powerful

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