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Many people come across roadblocks through their journey of life. I know I've had my fair share of them. The biggest bump in my academic life was changing it completely upside down. Growing up african American or with any skin that holds the slightest of pigment is not easy, but that's obvious due to our nation's past. Racism and stereotypeing has always been there.In high school the typical stereotype for blacks is that we all slack and don't care about anything. It was easier to not care and fit in then to act with common sense and stand out. And that's exactly what I did, Not care. Throughout Middle school I went to counseling and anger management. I went all of fifth , sixth , and seventh grade in hopes that I would learn to treat others with respect. I was so disrespectful that i could remember throwing books at teachers and mouthing off to them in the fifth grade. I continued to go through consulting but also continued to disrespects others as a result I ended up …show more content…

I had joined Kctcs criminal justice program my junior year where i changed my attitude and respect for other completely and while i was changing the way i acted i was building a new character i was growing up and getting different morals and beliefs. I soon was a class sea grant twice and i have now been class commander for two years in a row showing that my leadership skills have grown tremendously throughout high school. Even though many people thought I would never go far in life when they first meet me in my freshmen year or before i didn't let that stop me from growing and getting over the old habits. Looking at my transcript you will see i did horribly my freshmen year and started doing very good towards my junior year many people would be disappointed if there's looked like that but not I, I'm proud that I was the way I was because not many people can say they have came as far as I

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